Why Russian Women?

One may ask “Why Russian women? What makes them so special that even men from faraway countries cover great distances to meet them and marry them in the long run?”

Long ago Paul McCartney answered this question in the song "Back in the USSR". "The Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the west behind, and Moscow girls make me sing and shout", sang the Beatles in 1968.

Why Ukrainian ladies are so special. Explanation of their popularity among the foreign men.

To begin with I’ll explain why not American women. And I hope I won’t be accused of being their hater.

I really don't intend to say that all of them are bad. There are a lot of women in America who strive for marriage and normal relationship, and they are nice and attractive. But here in America they are in a more favorable position. Let’s take, for instance, such popular online dating sites as POF.com and Match.com. Even a moderately attractive American woman who has a profile on these sites receives not less than 400-500 messages a week. More attractive seekers get the double of the attention or even more. No wonder they have no time and sometimes need to look for men. As a result in reply to their ads men receive messages from women who don’t attract them.

To find an attractive local woman is like to win a lottery. This is one of the explanations why Russian women appear to be so entrancing.

Ukrainian women are the best wives. Lovely, attractive and sincere

But if you are quite pleased with your chances in your native place, it is easier and cheaper to find your marriage partner here.

Still, why Russian women? Some years ago a digest article was published which listed the top cities with the most beautiful women . Do you guess what city was number one? It was Kiev. This is what the article said, “Kiev is, without a doubt, home to the world’s most beautiful women! A visit to Kiev is truly awe-inducing. You might have to pinch yourself to believe that women this beautiful could even exist”.

A girl from Ukrainian who now lives in the USA says she likes living in America, and the major reason is her being “special” here. People turn heads when they see her. But in her native country, as she says, she is one of the many faces in the crowd. Here she has made her mark as a fashion model and has appeared on TV in lingerie commercials. She is sure to get thousands of messages a week if she puts a profile on one of the dating sites. So you can see what difference social and cultural dynamics make.

The beauty of Slavic girls is not a legend — it's a truth. The appearance of the ladies is definitely unbelievable

One more woman who registered on Uadreams confesses that though she is often told that she is rather beautiful, this started only when she met foreign man here. In Ukraine she was quite ordinary!

There are exceptions within every nation, but an average Russian woman is beautiful, feminine, intelligent, rather educated and meanwhile family-oriented. While in the USA such women are in great demand, in Russia women are often single and available for foreign men. Why is it so?

There are several factors and each of them plays a considerable role:

  1. Russian men are generally known as (1) alcoholics, (2) they are often unfaithful in marriages and (3) often out of work or not adequately employed. No wonder a cheating alcoholic with a payable job is regarded as a good match there.

  2. As contrasted to Russian men Russian women on average are very family-oriented.

  3. It is considered that most men from North America and Western Europe deal with women in a much better manner than men from other parts of the world (one may doubt this statement listening to Western women complaining of their men).

All this favors that these beautiful, feminine, intelligent, educated and family-oriented women highly appreciate the attention of even a “regular guy” from abroad.

So, again, why Russian women? If you are over 40 and you are eager to find a good partner for the rest of your life, more than that, if you hope to have children, you cannot make a mistake with a Russian woman. In fact, your chances of finding a proper match are much better in any country of the former Soviet Union than they are in your native place.

You won't find American femininism in Russian and Ukrainian women. They prefer real men

When you travel to Russia and meet Russian women, you will realize one more reason and appreciate it greatly: you won’t find any American Feminism in them. They like it when men are men, strong and decisive.

A Russian or a Ukrainian woman would hardly ever want a “cute guy”. What they more often want is a “real man”. In other words, they seem to be more inclined to choose a Clint Eastwood than a Brad Pitt. What concerns a “metrosexual”, well, he has very little chance of success.

As for the partner’s age, many young Russian women are not against dating with men over 40. The majority of them don't pay attention to the age difference. So, if you are 45-55 years old, it wouldn’t be so difficult for you to find a woman of 30-35 years old, maybe even younger. Though caution is required with very young REALLY HOT women (younger than 25), especially if you are REALLY OLD.

Is it more clear now “Why Russian women?” and why they are worth the expenditure and the trouble?

No matter how convincing these reasons are, there may be difficulties and obstacles on your way to finding a woman in Russia. First of all, these nice women live far away, 6000 miles, to be precise. What is still worse very few of them speak English or understand it. Then, take into account scams. The possibility of encountering them is not excluded.

Travelling to Russia and arranging dates with Russian women costs money, demands effort and puts you at some risk. Still the social situation in Russia and Ukraine is favorable to an American man who is likely to have better luck in these countries than in the USA.

Ukrainian or Russian wives are very popular among American men. Their cost is a simplicity, a naively and a devotion

Also be prepared that in the course of this pursuit you will encounter some stigma which you will have to overcome. What else you may need to overcome are some popular myths concerning Russian women

We would like to draw your attention to one more very important issue. Many men decide in favor of meeting Russian women because they lack social and dating skills, which prevents them from being successful with local women. Probably their chances with Russian women are higher than with locals, but it is also possible that this lack of skills will also be in their way either in Russia or Ukraine.

Fortunately, such things are solved. This site is intended to help you manage practically all the difficulties and shortcomings and find a suitable match.

So if you find all these explanations why a Russian woman may become a good match for you convincing and adequate, get ready to learn a few useful things so that you can manage this undertaking. And we will help you.

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