About scammers, men’s pot shots and dialings back.

How come you still decide what site to choose. Unless all independent platforms feed you with information about scammers, you browse most powerful dating sites who perform Ukrainian women, some % can be scams..

I cannot give you guarantee that a woman from Ukraine is your type of a woman. If you rely on frequent opinion of mass media that Ukrainian or each postsoviet woman is shy, quiet, modest, humble, - you know nothing about real woman from Ukraine. Such pathetic phrases like there is no other creature in the world who gives you the chance to build up a family as in Ukraine or Russia, do not believe them! Women are not like 15 years ago. Digital era gave majestic push to develop all nations. Even if you live in third world country or any of those closed ones you’ve ever heard about. People can read and detect the necessary information, thus, women teach how to be independent, how to feel good, how to find a pleasure from life, how to see the exact aim and to reach her, they educated themselves with couches, courses and trainings, they get even more information every day than can understand. So do not expect uneducated naive woman and do not neglect their power to be a mature and smart personality.

Today I speak about Ukrainian women and scam on dating sites like Uadreams.

They do not look for someone to scam, to have his money and to move abroad. You see, the economic and political situation in Ukraine had changed the estimation of significance of all Ukrainian people and their great will and struggle to get high democratic state. Women see the perspective to be much-in-demand professional, to be in need, to feel a pleasure to get results, they teach every day how to be a good personality with a look straight forward. Thereafter single women you see in Uadreams international matchmaking agency - are not scam girls or fake profiles you may see somewhere from cheap or free sites. These woman are real, they know what they want and they do something, act and try every single effort to get success. Do not mix with tricks or deceives of potential scam victims. They have their opportunities Uadreams gave them and they estimate and appreciate the defensive attitude. This is a structure that gives a guarantee of be in safe for women as well. Dating sites do not give at all. This is a problem nowadays. People talk about men suffering from world dating scam however just a few words can be said about women who do intend to create their happy life. If they cannot do that by themselves, they need assistance.

Here below you can read the following review of Alex, this man is the ex-member of Uadreams.

“uadreams is a serious team, they know what to do, how to serve the customers. And I respect those in business who has enough experience. I like women I’ve seen on uadreams website but actually not all of them. Two I’ve been texting and chatting, the third one is my wife now. But earlier I had one girl who appeared to be a scam, so I quit Uadreams for a while. Then after half a year I restored my profile. Scam girl is still working there and I don’t like that way they keep scam women here. What is that finally? Scam? Wasting my money? I’m worrying about others though.”


Hmm. On the one hand he is satisfied with uadreams, on the other he’s quite embarrassed with his previous problem.

However in spite of his negative experienced as he suffered from his message did not influenced to stay at Uadreams and keep communicating with other ladies. Therefore the hardest part about it to see any common sense here. Why on Earth blame the agency and keep using their services? He is happy and his WIFE is from UaDreams. I’ve met many cases when men see the profit of being a member of non-free dating website. They used to explain that they feel the care and anti-scam defense. I’m trying to see the situation from his point of view. Well, for his sake this man decided to stay on fee-paid website uadreams anyway.

The next thing I worry about is the phrase “scammer” here without explanation in details. What he emphasized was “She is still working there and I don’t like that way they keep such women here”.

What is a pity, he stressed the issue on another piece of sentence. The problem was taken from scratch. And uadreams reviews like that make the greatest influence to those who are between - to register or - not to register. People see the negative wave here, they have no time to reconsider the issue and to find out what exactly he meant. What was the problem of scams. They see the word “scam” and run away!

Besides, what if he would have failed with his match on uadreams.com? He would have applied all dating Ukrainian agencies scammers, right? I’d rather ask him directly - are you joking?)

Here is another scam message from another member:

“My experience with Uadreams wasn’t really good. I mean about payment for the services I’ve chosen. I had one lady only whom I sent regular letters, about 60 letters during a year. But visa rejected the payment, so my contact to this woman was lost. I think uadreams scam people in such a way. Not only men but women as well.”


Let’s discuss this point more specifically. Uadreams accept Visa and Mastercard and offer several other methods of payment as I see. Next point that warns me: Dave kept holding the correspondence via uadreams for a long period of time. And in case of this payment issue he did not even use any alternative way. Even once. And what is the connection between Uadreams and Visa? Don’t you know how work the world banking system? Or how do payment processors work? It’s a complex financial operation that requires legit conditions. Therefore Uadreams corresponds to the legitimate basis to cooperate with Visa. I really don’t see any scam here. What if there was specific issue with Dave’s card. I know exactly that if a bank has any doubt to proceed a money transfer, card holder is required to perform confirmation documents. So Visa rejected this operation supposedly due to the reason to consider Dave’s card to be suspicious or something, couldn’t they? Visa is one of the most powerful payment system in the world. They have a right to verify if the payment goes directly from David and by his own card, not by anyone else (due to banking scam system need to have a guarantee).

Let’s go back to Dave. “I had an idea to invite my woman to Europe to meet with her there and I even offered several hundreds of dollars to Uadreams but they refused. They explained that this is out of their rules.”

Sure, if I’m not mistaken due to no-scam policy of Uadreams members can meet firstly only in the agency in Ukraine. Then they can do what they want and to travel any part of the world they dreamed about. Besides, if the agency is the third party, they do work on trips to Ukraine, but they rejected Dave’s offer. What’s wrong with them this international matchmaking agency?

This message confused me deeply. Really I don’t see any problem here. As a rule Uadreams membership support center is created to receive complaints and to assist in each situation within membership. So did Dave forwarded his uadreams complaint regarding the matter with payment? Did he appreciated the attention of his lady to him? Did he try to resolve anything via talking to management or whoever? I do not see any such efforts here. His approach was about to blame only one side he hadn’t even investigated the matter carefully.

We face with the problem when people do not intend to verify what they read about scams, they focus on words, negative mostly, and believe in negative rather than any positive results. They do not look on well-designed website, professional skill of translators and interpreters, regular support, payment system and anti-scam policy. If you rely on all these factors, you’ll get a certain success.

Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Women are the most mysterious creatures to be investigated in the whole world. Humanity would really regret if there is at least no charming smile or sensitive smell or a catwalk in the street. The more we try to analyze this creature, the more difficult way and finally complicated result we could choose. But Ukrainian women nature due to the mentality draws a permanent interest through all over the world – they are unbelievable, extraordinary, smart and really beautiful! You may see how many foreign men are doing their best to find a good lady in order to create a couple.

Photo-examples of Ukrainian women from the dating agency

As you know, the easiest way is to register on a dating website (the greatest choice of ladies such a network can give you). Indeed there is one point you can be scare of – any fraud issue many forums talk about. Be aware of scams! This is really serious topic and such cases can influence on future possible good intentions of single men. As men lose their interest in finding a wife through Internet, honest WOMEN get less opportunities to find the right guy for marriage.

In connection with said above I can distinguish one agency with a reputation of an honest company to trust to - UaDreams. See also uadreams-review.com/scam-free-dating-service.html

Besides protecting their members (from both sides), they keep personal information private! It is as important as helping them find love. For example, you can never know who cares about using your personal data, what a great profit a lady could have with.

They strongly advise customers NOT to exchange personal information with their ladies before their first meeting in office. Let me explain why it is so. Just imagine, you hold the first meeting in person OUT of UaDreams office - who can protect you fom scams? UaDreams cannot guarantee your safety as well the safety of your feelings or your money. Of course, you may think about any profit this agency can have. Each business is to be created to earn the money. But also you may accept the fact that your business can keep growing more and more if you are aimed to make every client satisfied. As it goes to their clients' attitude and the reputation as well.

Furthermore, I really hope that you foster such innovations of UaDreams offers you as they care about safety and guarantee even of all payment operations.

As a matter of fact, UaDreams are against obtaining money by means of deception. They are concerned about those women who make this their practice, who are in the business of cheating and scamming men.

By the way UaDreams supports anti-scam program and cares about their reputation. You can read the information on their website: “Don’t send any money to any lady and contact us immediately if you get any request for money, we will move her profile to the black list”.

Uadreams provides secure online dating. The agency checks each girl and her marital status

Be sure, you do not risk communicating with the ladies via UaDreams.com agency as they know almost everything about them. The work of the offices (and of UaDreams agency in general) is built on the principle of friendly communication with all the Uadreams consumers (report here).

There are only real profiles of women on Uadreams. You won't find any fake personal information and photos

All the information you can find in the profiles of lady-members - like age, marital status, education, children and so on - is true and checked. You will never be able to find any fake photo or disinformation - and all these is due to the work of 'UaDreams' staff.

You can read their site for the membership details and features, but I will highlight a few features here. 

First of all the registration – it is FREE. You can register, observe the website, see the huge gallery of ladies and etc and you do not pay any cent. In case you do not like the services they offer you can close your profile without any problems. You can ask additional question via uadreams mailbox.

Uadreams matchmaking service offers free registration and membership for customers

As far as I can see UaDreams has 13 branches all over Ukraine, that means.. lots of single ladies (website indicates about 1000+), beautiful and smart – just admire all professional photos of each lady!

Of course you cannot guarantee any happy ending, as it depends on personal attitude. But you never miss your chance to find your beloved one with UaDreams!

Does Uadreams Have Unsatisfied Customers?

We are more than grateful to Jones for his feed back we are able to refer, this is very useful for our further investigation regarding Uadreams.com. If we take several grand international agencies with the Ukrainian base, Uadreams is one of the most popular to talk about. So let’s point out a few words below.

Jones was a member of another website, he started to communicate one lady he received an invitation to enter this website and find out if it is good for him to communicate there. However his doubts were so meaningful due to some recent experience on a different website. That negative effect made him be suspicious. As search by photos showed lots of fake profiles everywhere, several dating websites used them for luring men all over the world. This is a scam puzzle, when you’re in - it is too late. So why it is so? They ask you for a private contacts and then it is difficult to control the situation as the victim is asked for money help, love manipulation and everything. Lately he had a nice communication with Alesia from Brides.ru who invited him to Uadreams.com, the message is below:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Uadreams support team
Date: Wed, June, 8, 2016 at 4:23 PM
Subject: Jones, Alesia from Ukraine invited you to the International Matchmaking Agency!
To: Jones

Welcome to the International Matchmaking Agency!

Dear Jones You've been invited to http://www.uadreams.com at the request of

[image: Alesia from Nikolaev, Ukraine girl pictures]

Alesia from Nikolaev, Ukraine
*Your account information *(it will help you to see photos from all ladies in our database):
login: xxx
password: xxx

*Any your questions will be answered in our*
Support Centre: +1 (315) 849-4959
Skype phone account: *uadreams*
*No one can know where he will meet his love!*
You can login here: http://uadreams.com/login.rpx
If you think it was done in error then just ignore this message.
Uadreams Members Support Team.

He decided to get the email address checked properly, the URL showed him some specific name sup_nat that caused many doubts to believe or not. The first thought was he was purposed to be scammed as he hardly could believe that that was a real girl.

In such a way I received this extract from Jones and his request was to specify what is that, what an invitation do men receive and who is hiding behind that pretty messenger? Indeed as it showed that was the id of UaDreams company, the URL id is used by support center for mailing and sending the invitations from real girls. These girls when interested in a certain member give their note to a supervisor, thereafter he analyzes this request and ask the conformation of a future member - in our case that was Jones. The Uadreams employee gives assistance to any lady of the website within video chat, letter translation, arranges photoshooting and provides a great help during personal meeting with a man when he comes to Ukraine.

You probably may think that there is no need in such a third party however as it comes from the general experience of Ukrainian and Russian dating websites mostly girls cannot lead the conversation in English properly, that is why the prefer professional help which is free for them. In case you wish to be convinced that the girl is real - invite her to video chat or video conference and you’ll see that no one else will interrupt your session. The last thing - this is the lady who decides how many agencies she may be registered in, but who knows how many and much time she does has her profiles and had and how long she tried her luck. Of course more than one profile is not recommended by Uadreams.

Let me mention that in his review about Uadreams Jones told that the service is not for free, he had to pay for each email about 7 USD - that was the reason he still did not accepted the invitation. Quite expensive. Let’s check: if you send 10 letters per day this is $70 and $2100 monthly - it’s hardly to count how much will you pay for one year of such a communication. Probably it is better for Jones to come to Ukraine and spend less money for a trip and one week stay.

But you know, I think it is necessary to make some clarifications here - this amount ($6.99) is to be paid for two translations - yours one to the lady and hers - back to you. Thus this is a generous thing for all ladies who experience language difficulties and good news for members - you are able to purchase special package of letters to be sent and translated - quite a good economy! If you purchase 100 credits for emails - you pay only $3.99 for as mentioned above two translations. Jones was really happy afterwards as he count each dollar after his money fail on some scam website.

Uadreams email credits

Update July, 10.

Hi there! Let’s go back to our wonderful news with Jones! So what was the next step he made? Sure he stepped in. He is a member of UaDreams.com now after accepting Alesia’s invititation. Jones kindly shared his concerns with us about his adventures there. He was chatting with Alesia and what impressed him much - the girl was really smart, beautiful like on the photo, besides wonderful work of translator made the conversation vivid and real, that was rather comfortable than by letters.

In spite that positive wave Jones has new question: why he is so popular? He receives almost all responses from girls he requested to get acquainted. Something strange, he thought but we need to comfort him as international agencies like Uadreams have single family-oriented women who are eager to find their beloved. Their intentions are really serious and sincere, they do not ask you about marriage at once but they make everything possible to know you better.

So it is good for Jones to have such a wonderful rate among new members.

Next point to cause gossips and many scam talks is photoshooting. All photos on the website is perfect. And people used to think that such pictures can be stolen from different websites and other profiles of fake ladies and all. But agency of 15 branches in Ukraine does have professional photographers who cares about general level, high level of course. Ladies are not fake, they are not models, just imagine that Ukraine is a mysterious part of the world that has special mature and delicate beauty.

If you are little bit confused with the fact how it is possible to have girls smart, beautiful, real with everyday life, troubles and happiness, single and lonely on such websites, stay calm, it is possible. If you do not believe - you can ask for a private photo of hers, taken at home with no makeup, you will be pleased by natural beauty. So many men ask me why they are single? Is that something wrong with them? My answer - no. The reason is simple: the quantity of single men in Ukraine is three times less than women, so men used to be pampered with women’s attention and if they do not like something in one girl - they will look for another. Often many couples just break up only by unwillingness of a men-partner to build relationship.

Uadreams probably has that stories that bring something unique to the table - happy ending video sharings of couples that united with the help of the site. Hundreds of stories with success, married, their first common childbirth, or just living together - all those great news you can find there. Besides, for me, I found that interesting that sometimes Uadreams team keeps the contact with their pairs and update those news, for instance I saw wonderful story about the couple that had the second child as well, impressive, isn’t it?

I go back to Jones and his review, he mentioned special shop to make a lady pleased and happy with different sweet or beautiful or sparkling things, to pamper them and to give a feeling of care. You can choose a perfume or flowers and cut the distance between both of beloved. I can imagine many unsatisfied eyes reading this but it is really cheaper if you book such a service separately even in the same city or town. Moreover you can arrange the delivery to home or to workplace and discuss the details with the managers. If they do not have something with the special colour - in the wake of that you will be offered good alternative. Anyway it’s a sign of romance and kind attention, a model of build up behavior.

Now I would like to discuss membership models different international dating agencies have. For example, Elena’s Models has a fee for the subscription. That is not much money offered but your opportunity to communicate with various ladies is limited, if you want to continue - make further payments. On the contrary Uadreams offers free subscription and membership, but services are should be paid with affordable prices. For fresh members they offer bonus credits for free, so you have an opportunity to try how it works first and if you don't like - you may leave and remove your profile from the system.

Internet gives various articles on scam theme about Uadreams, I googled and verified, sure they have. If there is a big company - there is a big talk around it. And as much as goo but as much as bad one.

People describe their attitude to the friendly-using interface and perfect company but with non-transparent policy. Sure I can accept they have disadvantages and we will never believe they are perfect. But I think pluses dominate. If we speak about Uadreams - be sure, they are not scammers. Probably they can have some technical difficulties with fresh apps on different platforms and devices but in general they are one of the most compatible and reputable agency I’ve ever met.

People used to blame but those who never tried. That’s not my rule I refer. If you tried and do not like something - like Jines you can write me and together we will investigate the issue to help others and to prevent them from serious mistakes.

Uadreams girl profile

Update August 3.

Wow, I think I’ve missed you guys. Haven’t seen for ages! How are you doing here? As far as I have news to post I am ready to show you. One man with the name Sammy sent me the letter as follows:

Good day to you,

It’s a pleasure for me to read such reviews as yours, they are very helpful and indeed I think I’m about to have an advice from you regarding the following situation. I am a member of UAdreams maybe more than a year and supposedly they are fine and I’m almost happy with girls I communicate, they are good and not fake. But when I ‘ve found one of theirs in FB, she blocked me. That situation confused me much: what is it? I don’t know what to do. Please help!


Sammy worries a lot about all of that and I can understand him, he could read a lot about Ukrainian emancipated girls as others do and feel more than nervous about being scammed with luring to Uadreams website and no chances to communicate via other sources. So let's make some clarifications due to this aspect.

Some paragraphs above I mentioned support employees, supervisors who provides with the necessary assistance for ladies, they give an alarm if they have any of scam notices. Anti-scam department check all profiles manually to convince all members in serious intentions of Uadreams male members. Secondly, as I see, head management has a primary rule - never ask men for money help. Forbidden. I asked ex-members - that’s true. In such a way they secure male members from being scammed. All personal information is not allowed as well and will be removed from the letter if posted. Thus they care about safety of not only male but female members. So I can understand many ladies to joing Uadreams.com, they are covered with tendance and care here.

Scam will wait.

If refer to general statistics 3 men from 10 have ever tried dating services, in particular apps, very popular nowadays. And since 2009 interest of foreign men to Russian and Ukrainian ladies increased. People were happy to find a good way of building up relationship on a distance. However after 2012 scam issues gave a flash of scandals and reports.

In spite of all that there are still many reputable agencies that try to keep the level and give the highest opportunity to remove a distance between two people from different countries. So no long letters and months to wait a note, online dating websites offer effective approach to find the one you are searching form. But if to compare them with free social networks they give brilliant assistance regarding all communication problems people may experience: translation, photoshooting, video chatting, managing the meeting and etc. Digital era is a gift for single adult people and it’s time to estimate and taste it!

What you get for free.

Time and money changed the business model and strategy. Dating model is the powerful and one of the most flourishing ones, but at the same time dangerous. Emotions manipulation is an instrument of fraudsters and scammers and people are afraid to love on a distance. Being desperate they can trust less than usually or almost trust to no one. Free dating websites lure their potential customers by their bright advertisement and simple use with no control of the third side. But what you get? Your budget empty. Let’s see the main points how can you distinguish scam among your interlocutors.

  • you will be in by beautiful pictures of young and sweet ladies
  • scammer uses the phrases from your profile in the first letters to attract your special attention
  • kind and soft communication style as well as ability of scammer to listen to you carefully can be used against you when you start sharing your privacy
  • urgent financial help is requested
  • scammer draws the situation in such a way that you will be the first who will offer money transfer
  • free dating services will not offer any translation specificity, actually very often it causes misunderstandings
  • no guarantees to meet in real life

What you get for money.

Actually popular international agencies will offer you their best feature to catch your attention. But giving them money you should know what you need.

  1. You care about is the translation, quick and professional including all specific mental differences
  2. Urgent signal or warning contact informing your lady about any outstanding situation
  3. Customer and Technical support, regular
  4. Options and services (video chats, letters, conferences, phone calls, gift and flowers delivery etc.)
  5. Trip assistance, when decide to visit a lady in your place
  6. Anti-scam care

Uadreams gives a certain translation regarding all communication services, interpreter services, video chat (texting+image) help, phone call, conference, delivery services, online shop. If you want to be sure that you have a business with a real agency, you can call any number and UaDreams staff will reply you with great pleasure, you will be able to discuss any of your questions. Trip manager will arrange your bookings as to tickets, accommodations and preparations for the meeting.

It is understandable if the third party receives money for their service, but you should remember that you obtain your safety and privacy. No one will use your personal data for any profits.

UaDreams stops scam.

Anti-scam department. Is their best non-standard but appropriate method for scam fighting.

  • documents of all ladies potentially registered on the website are to be verified
  • monthly profile check
  • personal contacts is strictly prohibited to indicate or to exchange, you will be allowed only after your first meeting in the agency
  • scam, abuse and fraud complaints are fixed by Members Support Center
  • cases are to be investigated by Head Management
  • guilty are to be punished

Please remeber your money is not in your hands but in your head, use it properly. No one will force you and pull to register to this or that website but you should understand that your economy with dating issue will cost you more than you can pay. Romance scam is the most dangerous thing, so it is better to take preventive measures, never use free services and trust only to reputable structures..


Being professional photographer for about 11 years I fond of surfing the internet for analyzing workouts and suddenly I faced with a pack of beauties. At first sight that seemed to be just a kind of a photo bank but instead the area https://www.uadreams.com/random_girls_photos.rpx opened as rather inconspicuous thing: just random photos of girls and women registered on some dating site. You can guess from the link parameters - random, girls, photos. Just have a look if you’re bored, you might have seen something before but believe me, I was confused with such a beautiful gallery. I am not a fan of dating online however, obviously, I’m a fan of woman beauty!
Scam point is very good. Thank you for reasonable aspects of this question. I am curious and read a lot so I fed up my mind with your information. Good luck to you.
Indeed I am not sure that there is anything else what can help with scammers nowadays! All those traps lure innocent customers! Brilliant ideas, good design and many brightest offers - everything for attraction. Young beautiful girls, they are single just for earning money for agencies.
I like your idea of anti-scam policy, you know.. I think that we need something to do with all that stuff, I mean scam. Moni trickin! Im so sick of it and you guys give a hope. I wish I could turn my moni back asap but probably I just be happy for others to save them from scammers and be happy with their GFs
My purpose - to save my money but obtain good service, this is a normal agreement. You pay and you get professional and qualified help. Thank you for mentioning this.
Tyan Hun
Yes, this is a help in commuication between people on a distance. And my intention is to get everything I need from that part I paid for. Besides I want to say that I like your website, Uadreams, it is very friendly using, easy and quick launching, briwsing the information and guidening. I used to be a member of different Ukraininan and Russian websites but I like this one.
Prices are little bit high but in general it’s OK
Jay T
I had a trip to Uadreams agency and they helped me with this. You can find my testimonial there n the website as well. And I really hope that you will see that this agency is for adult and educated people form all parts of the world. I have my wife from Ukraine and I got it with the help of Uadreams. Probably I am the representative of lucky guys but may be those who are in doubts should try!
Kurt Martinez
I'm Eddy. I try to leave messages in scam forums or related websites, just to compose my thoughts and help others to denote dating issue as a blue study. Recently I've stuck in pages of http://ua-brides.com/uadreams-review-website.html where people from different parts of the world shared their fares. I went over this "review" - you see, here we may read the article about - uadreams review, detailed discussion about their website. Outraged and satisfied, won with wrong feelings or frightened with slander. You know what the defamation in the internet is? Sometimes it is a trade libel. And I believe some top agencies have enough pride and power to avoid insinuations. What I believe in - digits, results and facts. Statistics and experience is what I mean to be worth to pay attention to. If the agency has something to invest to, if they have a good base, I will use their services. The thing is simple, if your business is dirty, more facts will come to light every day and very soon you have nothing to sale.
Eddy Douglas

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