New online dating classification of men.

In the modern maelstrom of online dating and social networking, fun memes, threads and classifications based on psycho-types grow like mushrooms. And all this we can find on the Internet: the classification of men / women as different animals, musical instruments, even books, flowers and food. Well, imagine that you need to determine the types of people by their profiles on a dating site.

Hundreds and hundreds of photos, millions of bright or standard phrases in questionnaires... Is each person unique? Or maybe the classification is still possible? Russian and Ukrainian girls, looking for their mate on dating sites, are sometimes quite original, sharp and witty, describing different types of guys on such resources.

Funny classification of men

So, we offer to your attention an attempt of such a sorting. The description of each dating type of man is carried out on the basis of what is available to everyone on his profile, and a kind of "decoding" of the outer shell is given in brackets. According to the single women, these types of guys hang out on dating sites:

“Inveterate traveler”:

In the questionnaire it is written that he “loves to travel”, the profile is replete with photos where he smiles against the background of foreign sights, the same selection of pictures on Facebook and instagram (Once he was in a seven-day tour in Europe five years ago. He works as a small office clerk).

“Rock Star”:

In his profile there are hazy hints of personal tragedy and / or unrecognized genius, in the photo (of poor quality) he is wearing a T-shirt with the inscription "Led Zeppelin" and in his hands is a guitar (Age 35-40 unemployed, lives with his mom).

“Social bird”:

Everything is positive and vague in the questionnaire, he writes that he is “outgoing”, “likes to have fun with friends”, there are a dozen group photos from corporate parties on the profile, who knows who is the owner of the profile among this crowd (everyone looks the same stupidly).

“IT specialist ordinary”:

Trying to be witty in the questionnaire, knows all the network memes, in the profile photo he is wearing a cartoon print shirt in a trendy pub (doesn’t know how to communicate with the girl, for he’s never tried to offline).


In his questionnaire "leads a healthy lifestyle" and "attends the gym", a profile photo with a training device on the background, a selfie with dumbbell in his hand, a photo with a barbell (And what is he looking for here? Why does he need a woman? He already has everything for happiness – his dumbbells and his barbell!).

“Middle Manager”:

On the profile you can read that he “is looking for love and mutual understanding”, “works a lot”, “enjoys fishing”, you can see photos from fishing, selfie at the wheel, selfie from the office (photos are taken on the 4th iPhone or on the 7th, if, finally, paid the loan for the 4th).

“Suspiciously adequate”:

Cute, intelligent profile, moderately witty, high-quality stylish photos (long married, three children).


In the questionnaire “the founder of a large business” is looking for a “young attractive girl for love”, a photo from New York or another cool metropolis (skyscrapers, English-language signs), according to the external invoice he reminds "Manager" with the only difference that his pictures are downloaded from the Internet and processed in Photoshop (In fact, he is either "Rock Star" or married).

“Hidden maniac”:

The profile is extremely concise, its owner is looking for “common interests”, “reads a lot in his spare time”, a profile photo is a portrait of a frighteningly close-up (It is not clear who he really is and what he wants).

“Creative personality”:

Humor in a questionnaire with a pretense of sharpness and grace, composes unintelligible nonsense about “exhibitions” and “flashes of inspiration”, he has a bright profile photo (Leads conceptual instagram, works as an advertising manager or barrister).


In the profile he jokes that he’s "stupid, poor and ugly" (In fact, he doesn’t joke).


Outwardly he may resemble “Creative Personality”, but it is distinguished by extreme tediousness in the profile (Maybe he’s writing a book or working as a copywriter, had no sex for a long time, better to stay away – tortures with quotes and aphorisms).

“Mr. Perfection”:

He writes about himself that he is “a brunet, height 180cm, expressive brown eyes, intelligent, honest, educated, reliable, without bad habits” (He’s deeply in love with himself and has no rivals).

“A man with a sophisticated soul”:

A profile photo can be any, easily recognizable by the long and empty profile text about something “eternal and high” (Can’t pay for your coffee and his as well).


In his profile one or two banal photos and posted information about himself is quite detailed including the statement about the desire to “meet a sweet, attractive girl for love” (Actually, he needs any girl for sex and right now).

If suddenly this comic online dating classification from Russian and Ukrainian women to some of the guys did not seem ridiculous and, on the contrary, struck a chord, one should not be upset!

This is not a characteristic of real people, but only the first impression that may arise when viewing male profiles on dating sites. Therefore, do not be discouraged, call upon all your optimism and fantasy to help, and prove to your lady that you are a unique, bright, accomplished person and not a walking stereotype.

Anyway, be yourself, and not seem like someone else. After all, the main thing that women do not tolerate is lies and pretense. If your feelings are sincere, then you have a chance to turn even your faults into advantages and find happiness in love.

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