Tour Approach: Russian Romance Tours and How to use them

Russian romance tours give the possibility to see a considerable number of lovely Russian women in a compressed time frame. You choose a city and travel there relying on a local agency that arranges for you meetings with their women clients.

Romance tours give great possibilities to spend enough time with women of your choice

There are different classifications of romance tours to Russia and Ukraine. We’ll speak about two main varieties of such tours.

Group dating tours

A number of large matchmaking agencies/services organize romance tours to different cities (which you choose) in Russia and Ukraine for a group of men. During these tours you meet women who are clients of these agencies. The tours are very well-planned. What is included in the sum of money which you are to pay for a tour of such kind? As a rule it covers the airfare of your trip from a U.S. airport, airport pickup in the country of your destination (either Russia or Ukraine), hotel accommodation, staff support, parties where you are introduced to women, etc. The expenses on the dates and entertainment are not included as a rule.

Most of the matchmaking services orginise Dating Tour approach, where all dating services included

A group tour is a good alternative for you if you would like to try the “Tour Approach” on your way to accomplishing your goal (i.e. meeting nice Russian women), but you lack travel experience. Make your first trip in this way.

If you are not in the least afraid of going off the deep end, if you are independent and don't need the guidance of a tour for the whole group, a perfect choice for you may be an “Individual Tour”.

Individual romantic tours and meetings

Alongside with group tours not only large agencies but also many local ones offer individual tours. If you choose this kind of romance tours to Russia, it’s your responsibility to get to the selected city.

As usual dating agencies uncludes into dating trip translation and guide servises, meeting at the airport, arranging accomodation

Prices may be different, as well details of the trip, but the general arrangement is the following: the agency picks you up at the airport/ train/ bus station of your destination, arranges your accommodation, introduces you to their women clients (with their consent, of course). It also provides you with a guide or a translator (if you need any) and gives consultations/ advice.

The price may include all the services or the client can choose services according to his needs and pay only for them.

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