The body language of women: tips and tricks.

One of the things that any man seeking success with Ukrainian women must learn is how to read their body language. Her words might say one thing, but what her body language says is going to tell you a lot more. So, if you want to be successful in flirting and online or offline dating, you need to know what a woman would like to tell you by her body language. In the next article we collected advices of our experts that will allow you to correctly interpret the behavior and actions of women on a date. Good understanding of a Ukrainian body language will bring a mutual understanding between two of you on a first date.

Discower a woman's body language! Dating tips for men from uadreams

Eye contact between you.

Eye contact is one of the most important aspects that you need to interpret before you even take one step in her direction. Just take a look at her, try to catch her eye. It is a good sign when your views constantly intersect, and a woman looks at you with attraction. We have bad news for you if she looks away, or when your eyes met – she just rolls her eyes, or even worse, turns away to the other side. Ok, you catch her look; she is looking at you, what is next? Follow her look and fix it. If she is staring at you and bites her lips, don’t hesitate – a woman is interested in you, so, come and have a drink with her.

Stroking her hair.

We don’t know how it works but it really works. If she is twirling her hair while looks at you or ask you something abstract? You are the lucky one, because it means that a woman is deeply interested in you. But be careful and don’t confuse her flirting mood with a situation when she is nervous or feels strange in a new place. In such a case a woman could run her finger through her hair harshly and sharply. If a woman do it while you are speaking, try to change a subject or make a little pause before you are starting a new topic for discussion, your interlocutor would appreciate your politeness.

How does she laugh? And does she laugh at all?

Be as sharp as a needle; try to look at her during several minutes while you are talking. Does she laugh? If so, how does she laugh? She could laugh all the time, but her eyes could stay cold and empty. It’s not a good sign for you, because it means that she is pretending that she attracted to you, but her thoughts are far away from here.

What about the position of the body and hands of a woman?

Look at her body position while she is speaking with you. When an Ukrainian woman is interested in you, she turns all her body toward you. It’s a primal instinct. If you are not a hero of her life, she could pretend that she is looking at you, but her body betrays her – it could be facing in another direction. So, don’t waste your time and start to look for another interlocutor – you have no chance with such a woman.

Is the woman relaxed?

Have a quick look – if a woman seems relaxed and calm or not. A lot depends on arms, if they are folded and tensed. So, be careful with a woman if she looking like closed book. Don’t push on her and don’t even try to start a small talk with a tight-lipped woman. Maybe today isn’t her day.

So, for a good result, it is important to be very attentive, and to correctly interpret the language of the female body. But theory is nothing without practice, so, we highly recommend you to go to the closest bar and try to use all knowledge of the body language on practice. Or you could make things easy – register on the web site and ask any Ukrainian woman in video chat. There you could see her through web camera and her body language tell you everything about her interest in you without any prompt.

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