Ways to Arrange a Meeting with Russian Women

How can a guy contact Russian women? To meet a local online match it is enough to exchange a couple of emails and then arrange a date in Starbucks. You will invest not more than $10 (to pay for Frappuccinos) and just an hour which is quite enough to see if the affair is likely to develop.

With Russian women it is not as easy as that. You need more effort and planning. To be successful you need to know a lot. The best way to get this knowledge is to make numerous trips there, which will cost you thousands of dollars. The aim of this site is to help you avoid expenditure and mistakes. Just read the record of some experience we have prepared for you.

So, what are the most efficient ways to meet women from Russia?

The most successful ways are through correspondence and through tour. Let’s call them the Correspondence Approach and, respectively, the Tour Approach.

If you are interested in everything concerning meeting Russian women, go on reading this article to learn different options and their advantages and disadvantages.

The Correspondence Approach means that you use the web to meet Russian women and develop relationships with them. You write them, maybe, speak to them using the phone or Skype. You go on like this until you finally make your choice. Then time comes to plan a trip to Russia and meet only this one, your special Russian woman!

When time comes you can organise romantic journey to meet your sweetheart in Ukraine

The Tour Approach means that you go on a tour to meet women. Agencies usually offer “individual tours” or “group tours” and organize meetings with the women from their agency.

Both approaches have proved to be equally successful. You can realize which one is better for you when you take into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief comparison of these approaches.

Tour Approach

The tour approach makes it possible to arrange face-to-face meetings with Russian women and see their beauty with your own eyes. In this case it will take you no more than 5 minutes to reveal any significant distortions concerning weight, height, etc., if there are any, of course. Then you have coffee, lunch or dinner together and in an hour you see whether any connection between you and the girl is possible. That time will give you more information than dozens of emails and endless talks on the phone. Just like with local online dates.

Romance tour approach is the best way to know each other better

One 7-10 day tour costs $2,000 - $4,000. The price depends on the location, season and some other factors. At first you can have three dates a day until you choose a few favorites and go on dating with them, or maybe just one favorite. All in all you will be provided a chance to meet about 20 women or more.

Still, there are some shortcomings in the Tour Approach. One of them is that you visit only one city. But in fact it is impractical to include more cities in a trip. Though the cities are not very far from each other (have a look at the map), in Russia and Ukraine domestic travel is troublesome. In case you can afford money and time, you will solve this problem.

The game is worth the candle. Browse the websites and you will see how many beautiful women live in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. No wonder you may feel limited if you visit only one city where you meet Russian women. Still, make no doubt, you will have awesome prospects visiting Kiev, Moscow or any other city.

A substantial shortcoming in the Tour Approach is the fact that Russian women’s attitude to being put on a list of many women is negative. They usually regard it as an insult, though to men it may seem irrational. They think, “Why should they be upset that I am meeting other women if they have never met me?”, or something like that.

There are a lot of nice women there seeking for a decent man to start a family. Some of them are not against meeting you when you come to their city. But for most self-respecting Russian women such an arrangement is not acceptable.

Correspondence Approach

The advantages of this approach are several. The first and the most essential one is that it is the cheapest and the easiest. Choose a few sites, sign up, look for Russian women and start writing. The only expenditure may be connected with translation help, if you need it.

Second, you do not confine yourself to a single city as in the Tour Approach; the borders of your search are geographically unlimited. You can meet Russian women from anywhere.

And one more advantage. The chance of your meeting Russian women who are serious about marrying a foreign man is much more probable with this approach. As it has been mentioned, Russian women usually take offence when they come to know that there are many of them on a man’s list. A good idea is to deal with many candidates through correspondence to get to know them better, then choose one and visit only her.

But the correspondence approach is not devoid of disadvantages.

First, the correspondence process may be a tough task. If you or the women you are in correspondence with don't have any certain goals, you may get nowhere. After a couple of emails you don’t know what to say. A visit may seem a reasonable way out. But actually it is risky. You don’t know the woman well enough to narrow your search to her.

In dating video chat you can know better the woman of your choice

Secondly, and it concerns the case when you haven’t got to know each other enough. The reality may turn out to be different and you are running a risk to get disappointed either you or the girl look better in the pictures and so on. Thanks to Skype and its video conferencing you can considerably reduce this risk. Or you may just realize that you are not good match.

Thirdly, watch out scams! You may encounter them in any approach, but when you are using the correspondence approach, you are running the highest risk to be deceived. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to spot scammers and to avoid them. Thus, Russian dating scammers usually trick people into sending them money and there numerous variations among them. Look through the articles of the Scams section to learn everything about them.

Before a start of communication you should know all about dating scammers and their behaviour to be ready avoid them on dating sites

To communicate with Russian women through correspondence you should know:

- how to find the sites that protect their clients and prevent trickeries, and

- how to use other sites (less protected) and to avoid frauds.

You can find such guidance here.

The BEST Approach

Visitors of forums often heatedly discuss the pros and cons of the following three alternatives:

1. Write-Many-Visit-One, or the Correspondence Approach (WMVO)

2. Write-Many-Visit-Many (WMVM)

3. Write-None-Visit-Many, or the Tour Approach (WNVM)

If you aim at marrying a Russian woman, you’d better follow the first pattern or the third one.

You may wonder why Write-Many-Visit-Many is not recommended. Some people explain that such visits take a lot of time and cost a lot, and it makes sense. The second explanation and a more powerful one is that Russian women who are looking for family-minded men won’t take you seriously if you are visiting several women. So it is the least likely to help you achieve your goal.

The approach Write-None-Visit-Many has the same disadvantage. When a girl is informed by the agency that a man would like to see her, she suspects he is meeting others as well. As agency owners say “How many women is he seeing?” is the most frequently asked question in such situations, and whether the girl will agree to the meeting or not often depends on the answer. Yet, it causes less trouble than the Write-Many-Visit-Many approach. Why? They haven’t contacted each other yet, so the girl will feel less insulted.

So the BEST way to meet Russian women is to write emails to many, choose one and visit her (Write-Many-Visit-One). In this case your visit may really count.

This approach is not without drawbacks, the biggest one being the high cost. After all it’s a “blind date”, as opponents of this method say, and a very expensive one. Though it’s difficult to call it a “blind date” when you have been talking to a Russian woman 3 times a week for several months using Skype video calls.

One more piece of advice. When planning a visit to your special woman, look up information about agencies in her city (phone numbers, accommodations). It will be very helpful if you fail to build relationship with that woman. Then you will use the tour approach (Write-None-Visit-Many). You shouldn’t think too much over your backup plan as it can interfere with your initial plan. Just minimal preparations.

On the whole online dating is an extremely specialized kind of dating which is full of challenges.

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