Language Barriers

American men often can’t even imagine how they will date Russian women who possess no knowledge of English. The idea of hiring a translator who will be present at all dates doesn’t seem a suitable one. So, language barriers prove to be a challenge which discourages and even causes fear.

A language difference is a big problem in communication between foreign men and Russian women, but it's not a barrier in relationships

Here is a story of a guy who went to Russia on an “Individual Tour”

It was in 2000. Matt (we’ll call him so in this story) met about 25 women in Russia during those two weeks and finally made his choice. The girl didn’t speak English, so marriage was proposed through a translator. 10 years have passed. They are a married couple but still behave as if they were newlyweds. The fiance, while waiting for her visa, learned a bit of English which was enough to make herself understood in America. Soon after her arrival she spoke English almost fluently.

Matt overcame the language barrier. We do not assert that it will work for everybody, but if it worked for Matt, why can’t it work in your case?

Language barriers did not present a problem to Matt. He attached much more importance to other things. He avoided women who wrote in their profile that they were looking for a handsome man, mentioned money or did not have a single photo that depicted them smiling.

His pursuit was to find a Russian woman whom he can marry and live a happy life, not a supermodel or an actress. He met a girl whose plan was very much the same as his and married her.

Develop your relations, spend a lot of time with each other — and you'll see language barrier will disappear

With such an approach it is very difficult to go wrong, no matter what language the girl speaks.

To some extent it’s a matter of fate. We recommend you to consider several things before you come to the conclusion that it is worth trying in spite of the language barrier.

First of all, you increase your chances. It’s the biggest advantage.

Just imagine the competition when there are 1% of women having a good command of English and 99% of men on Gorgeous women from big cities who speak and write English get a great deal of attention, from wealthier, better looking and younger men than you are. An ordinary guy has practically no chances.

You need some patience and a little more time and money to hire translators. Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you don’t live up to the expectations of a model-gorgeous woman, the divorce will cost you much more.

Women who live in smaller towns may not have email and may not speak English that is why they are not given the same attention. They are not less beautiful or sweeter, more often oriented towards family and practical. They are the type of a girl we often call a “farmer's daughter”, while big city girls’ ambitions are modeling or acting careers.

Dating with Russian women who cannot speak English or any other language except their native one usually involves several problems.

Use translation services from reputable agencies to be sure you won't be scammed when you speaking with woman you like

First of all, you will have to write to them and speak to them with the help of an intermediary. Let’s face it; it is very difficult to achieve the feeling of connection that way. Of course, different people seek for different kinds of connection. The guy from our story hardly looked for a special feeling. He needed a woman with realistic views on life in general and marriage in particular.

The second problem which is even bigger than the first one is connected with scams.

There are good agencies with honest and sincere women clients. Unfortunately, they are an exception. “Scammy” agencies are very numerous. All their creative energy is directed to getting money out of people. You should know that they try to do it in such a way that it would be impossible to prove anything. In their strategies they make use of language barriers.

Here is one of the examples of such strategies. An agency recruits girls and asks them to conceal the fact that they know English. You pay for translations, and the girls are paid for cheating you.

There are millions of other ways agencies can profit by the language barrier. It is striking how people display creativity in an effort to trick men instead of directing their energies to honest use which will bring them even more money!

So, weigh the risks and problems which may arise in this connection against the probable advantages and decide whether it is reasonable for you to include non-English speaking women.

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