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So, your efforts have resulted in finding a suitable Russian woman, the one that seems to you “a special one”. How should you date her? Bear in mind that as far as Russian women are concerned, the process of courting them should differ from the process of courting women from many other countries in the west. “Courting” or “dating” here mean the phase when you see each other quite often and marriage is quite probable.

The meaning for «Courting» and «Dating» in Ukraine is the same — frequent meetings and serious relations and marriage is quite probable

If you are going to deal with Russian women, never forget one of their characteristic features they are usually romantic. When you read their profiles on dating sites you may find that they sound too sentimental, but their approach to relationships is like that. They want to be special and to feel special. That means that you should say things which will convince them of your special attitude.

When you go to Russia to meet women there, you will have to stick to the same principles. Russian women particularly will never forgive you such things. This is one of the reasons why men spend so much money in Russia, especially if they go there to see multiple women.

To satisfy Russian women's longing for romance use compliments and such gentlemanly gestures as hand-holding, opening a door for them, pulling out a chair for them, etc. Many of them confess that things like that make their hearts beat!

Romantic gifts, surprises etc.

One more thing which is not less important. Russian women attach importance to gifts.

Slavic ladies attach importance to presents

Gifts are intended not only for the girl, but also for her mom if she resides in the same town/ city (in the U.S. you would never bother about such things) and her child in case she has any.

That doesn’t mean gifts should be expensive, just bring something. The most suitable gifts for your girl may be flowers, perfume, a small item of jewelry, etc. Moms are usually presented with chocolates or specialty tea. It’s not difficult to choose gifts for children either. Anything will do, only take into consideration their gender and age.

A good gift idea for your ladies — flowers, perfume, jewelry

You’d better buy everything at home and take all these things with you. During the phase of dating between visits you are supposed to send gifts.

When courting Russian women you shouldn’t forget a holiday which means so much to them “International Women's Day”. It is observed on March 8th in Russia and other countries that once comprised the USSR and is a kind of combination of such holidays as Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day, and even every woman's birthday. You are running the risk of losing big points if you happen to forget this day. If you can’t send flowers or a gift, send her at least a greeting by e-mail. To send gifts to Russia you will have to choose agencies providing services of this kind. Let me remind you once again that you have to be careful, don't fall in trap of scam agency in order gift scam. There are independent and reliable services, for example, Romantic Gifts Shop. Prices are reasonable and competitive.

Honesty - the beginning of strong relationship

Besides, keep in mind that talking to Russian women about money requires careful handling.

Communicating with women be honest in the «money» topic, tell her a real information about your life

At the very beginning, when you fill in your profile on the dating site and when you start communicating with a woman it is highly recommended to be honest and to give true information about your standard of living. Whatever your income is, an average or a very good one, say so and explain what that means, for example, “I live in a house of my own (say where), have a car (mention the make of the car and its age) and annually can afford a 2-week vacation ...”

When communicating with your chosen one take notice of the signs showing that her expectations are unrealistic. If there are any, try to correct them or just dump her.

Russian women are honest and frank

And finally, when dating a Russian woman never say “It is too expensive”. If anything is really too expensive, find a way out to deal with the situation.

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