The Correspondence Approach: How to Date Russian Women through the Web

To choose the correspondence approach means to get acquainted with Russian women online. It is usually like this: you write them using the web, talk to them by skype or phone contributing to the development of relationships between you. You go on like this until the moment you understand that you can fix upon one woman. Then it’s time to get ready for a trip to Russia to meet her and only her. Everything except traveling reminds domestic online dating which can be executed on such sites as, and the like.

Reserve a romance tour to Russia to meet your girlfriend

If you want to be a success when dating Russian women via the Internet, you should know what to do preliminarily. Particularly, we recommend you to do the following:

1. Find the sites suitable for this approach. The best sites for these purposes are Russian dating sites which offer direct connection. Direct connection means that women create their profiles and manage their correspondence themselves.

Direct connection is suitable way for dating online

2. Write a good profile and post it on those dating sites that you intend to use for women to view it. In such a way you will let women know about your intention to communicate. Dating sites usually give the possibility of “Expression of Interest”.

Provide the information about yourself to show your intention for woman you are seeking

Suppose you have done everything that we recommend you, namely you have decided on the sites where you will seek happiness, prepared and posted your profile. What is to be done next?

If you pay attention to such sites as Russian Cupid, Uadreams or Ukraine Date, you are sure to like the forms of expressing interest there. You just leave a short message to notify a woman of your interest in her. Sure, she will have a look at your profile before to decide whether to correspond with you or not. The reply may be “Interested” or (take it easy!) “Not Interested”. Such a scheme saves you time and sometimes money. On Uadreams for instance you may contact an unlimited number of Ukrainian and Russian women

If you prefer full personalized messages, you may choose this form of expressing your interest. Once you have found several women who are ready to communicate with you, start getting to know them and subsequently narrowing the choice. When that special one reveals herself, go and meet her!

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