The girl is married or in a relationship on dating sites.

Let's see together as usual dating agencies protect their clients from girls who are in a serious relationship or are married, and at the same time post their profiles on dating sites:

UaDreams control everything and anything
If somebody think that uadreams can't…
If somebody think that uadreams can't see if the girl is free or with boyfriend, that man really a big dumbass, the agency control everything and anything ,from the translators to the girls ,from top to the bottom ,nothing move without uadreams knows. This is a many million dollar biznis ,and you dont know what happen in your yard? they lie even if red snow fall from sky.

If a lady joins the agency, she has to be single, that's why her documents are monitored. So, if she has a seriuos relatioship and hides this fact from the agency, she deceived agency's employees and male members. In the words of the agency, if such a deception is exposed, the girl's profile is deleted.

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